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OnyxOnyx 12 years old

Our swimmer , 12 years old . In love with Dany , strong character.

IraklisIraklis 12 years old

The tall one , 12 years old. Translation of his name is Hercules , do not need to say more.

MoussamaMoussama 9 years old

Gentile horse , 9 years old , grand daughter of Zomby so very agile.

SmoukySmoukee 8 years old

The little sister of Moussama , 8 years old. Real copy of her grand Father,Zomby

RainbowRainbow 9 years old

Because of her color, 9 year old. Never seen such a calm horse at that age.

AralAral 18 years old

Kafeti’s mother, 18 years old. A bit shy but always gives her maximum. She loves the water and to swim, she is one of our sea horses !

IrmaIrma 19 years old

Mathy’s friend , 19 years old. Came from Santorini pregnant , she is happy not to do the steps anymore. She is one of our sea horses too.

PepePepe Le Pew 13 years old

Google his name to find out , 13 years old











BEE 12 years old

Our little baby, Bee is already 12 years old! She was bottle-fed after her mother Maya died giving birth. Bee is like her mother, very determined to do exactly what she wants around the stables. Out on a tour, though, she is very well behaved. She loves people, and treats them well. Bee is very dark in colour, very attractive, and has a wonderful canter.


BEBA 20 years old

A black mare, Beba has a wonderful character and loves to give kisses! You need to know how to ride to take her out on the tour as she can really move. A very attractive horse.


CLEO 40 years old

Cleo is Ivan’s horse, and is the one in the group with a difficult character …but that is the way these two like it. They are a team! No horse will bother her, and if she says move, they move!

Pepsi 9 years old

Can surprise you, 29 years old. Beautiful mare and knows it.


JOJO 29 years old

29 year old mare ,she stands out by her color , white. She is Fifi’s friend and refuses to go anywhere without her. Nice tempered horse , loves the sea and has a really comfortable trot. She has been with us since spring 2011.


KIKI 20 years old

The middle sister of Bee and Kleafty, Kiki is a very striking 20 year old black mare. A very sensible horse with a good character and a lovely canter.



CLEAFTY 25 years old

Bee’s big sister and our first baby. She is a really fast and safe horse, although the swimming is always a challenge! She likes to look for the bottom of the sea with the back legs, she is more a bird, on the ground she flys.

Pinotte 5 year old

Our little baby, 5 years old.


MATHY 40 years old

An older mare, nicknamed ‘Speedy Gonzales’, Mathy hates to waste time, and can be very impatient at feeding time. She is only used for the afternoon tours as earlier outings on morning tours to the beach saw her roll in the water… regardless of who was on her back. Very safe on dry land, though!


NAOUSSA 9 years old

Born on September 24th 2011 , just after we had bought her mother Xenia. Enjoys fighting with the chickens for the grain.


PIPERI 9 years old

The playing one , young and alive. She is 9 years old and likes to have fun. She arrived here with Xenia on September 2011 , you can’t fall asleep on this mare!


QUEEN 15 years old

Queen arrived at Kokou Riding Center in the spring of 2007. Quite a forceful character, she likes to teach people how to ride. Out on tours she does not like to be last in the group. She is very sure-footed and a very good swimmer.


ROXANNE 18 years old

Roxanne is a beautiful bright chestnut, and she knows it! She is the boss. Roxy must be either first or second in the group… no other place will do. She always likes to be close to Ivan, to make sure everything is OK!



XENIA 13 years old

13 years old mare, comes from Bulgaria. She gave birth to Naoussa September 24th 2011 two weeks after her arrival on Paros, looks like Beba but calmer character. She is adapting well to Paros and learned the greek language very fast.


ZARA 20 years old

Zara is a beautiful Haflinger. She is known as a bit of a character around the stables, but out on tours she is very good. Likes to stay at the back of the group so that if the rider is a beginner they do not feel pressured by the others.


ZOMBY 20 years old

Zomby is the father of Bee and many other horses on Paros. Although now gelded, he is still not afraid of anything or anyone. He is a chestnut with a white blaze, and is full of character.











Eva 10 years old

Arrived at Kokou in 2018 , the mother of Agatha.


Kafety 6 years old

Daugther of Aral , loves the sea.












Simba 8 years old

His head is in the clouds but really nice horse.












Balthazar 5 years old

Proud of himself , keeps the peace in the group.


Pewee 10 years old

Abanded in the mountains became super friend with Lucille.












Agatha 1 year old

Eva’s daugther , super glue.


Asteri 6 years old

Really good friends with Lucille , a boat in the sea












Sienna 12 years old

A perle , super kind mare



Lucille 15 years old

Pure blood , another one of our horses that was saved.